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School success

Much of CFPC's effort around school success is focused on third-grade literacy. This is an important milestone because education beyond third grade — across virtually all subject areas — depends on reading proficiency. By the end of third grade, absent very special circumstances, all children can read proficiently. But right now far too many American children reach the end of third grade without even basic literacy skills, which jeopardizes their future educational success and our nation’s ability to produce a workforce that can lead in a world economy.

There is not a magic bullet to achieving third grade literacy, but there are strong, evidence-based strategies—involving families, schools and communities and starting in the earliest years — to get us there. It is putting this knowledge into widespread practice that is the challenge for policymakers.

CFPC project highlight

"Eight Things Policymakers Need to Know about Third Grade Literacy" provides talking points and resource materials designed to enable child advocates to build on their own assets (evidence-based focus, commitment to child outcomes and closing gaps in results, role as convener and collaborator, and credibility as non-self-interested advocate) to ensure the discussion focus broadly on the policies needed to assure that all children are reading proficiently by the end of the third grade.



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