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Sourcebook on Medicaid’s Role in Early Childhood

Health and well-being over the life span begin before birth and are profoundly affected by events in the early years (0-5) — at home, in health care, and in the community.

The October 2018 report by Charles Bruner and Kay Johnson, “A Sourcebook on Medicaid’s Role in Early Childhood: Advancing high performing medical home and improving lifelong health,” describes opportunities under state Medicaid programs to finance more preventive, developmental, and family-centered services for young children. It is designed for use by a broad audience that includes primary care child health practitioners and champions, state Medicaid and child health program staff, child health policy advocates, other health and social service professionals engaged with young children, and state policymakers.

Read and download the full 136-page report here Read and download individual sections below. 


Preface and Table of Contents
(Pages 1 - 6)

Executive Summary

(Pages 7 - 14)


(Pages 15 - 28)

Part One 

The Medicaid Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) benefit for children
(Pages 29 - 36)

Part Two

High Performing Medical Homes for young children: Covering Well-Child care to meet Bright Futures guidelines
(Pages 37 - 46)

Part Three

High Performing Medical Homes: Care Coordination and Case Management
(Pages 47 - 58)

Part Four

Screening in High Performing Medical Homes: Development, health and well-being
(Pages 59 - 70)

Part Five

Medicaid financing for other needed services to promote healthy child development within and beyond the Medical Home
(Pages 71 - 86)

Part Six

Optimizing payment approaches to support and sustain High Performing Medical Homes
(Pages 87 - 98)

Part Seven

Measuring performance and progress toward High Performing Medical Homes and better outcomes
(Pages 99 - 108)


(Pages 109 - 136)

State-based case studies

Efforts by Iowa and New York to improve early childhood health through Medicaid



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