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Exemplary Programs

In 2015, with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the Learning Collaborative on Health Equity and Young Children brought together national and state programs (exemplary programs) that collaborated with health practices to identify families dealing with issues that affect their child’s healthy development. The exemplary programs produced a consensus statement that identified core compo­nents and attributes of practice that represent a transformation of primary care child health.

Participants identified three common elements that all the exemplary programs have:

  • care coordination

  • community linkages

  • health practice/provider as first contact

While exemplary programs share these three common areas, they are organized and implemented differently.

With the ongoing support of RWJF, CFPC continued to collaborate with exemplary programs. In August 2017, we again brought them together -- along with three additional programs -- to delve deeper in two of the three areas: care coordination and community linkages. The topic of family engagement was also included, as this was recognized as a crucial interrelated component. There was also a concerted effort to highlight the effective strategies needed to apply an equity lens to all these areas. The document Lessons from exemplary programs: Strategies to promote healthy development in young children details these strategies.  From this larger piece, a brief policy document was created tailored for a national audience (Lessons from Exemplary Programs: Implementing Strategies to Support Families). CFPC also created a more comprehensive policy brief specific to Iowa, which detailed how the learnings for the exemplary programs can be used in the child and family serving systems in Iowa (Smart Strategies to Support Iowa Families: Lessons from Exemplary Programs).


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