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Screening for Social Determinants

As the health field expands its use of metrics and data, CFPC has worked to synthesize cutting-edge work in the child health field to screen for social as well as bio-medical determinants of health. On November 12, 2015, the Learning Collaborative on Health Equity and Young Children convened experts in the field to review a state-of-the-field paper describing work to date and an emerging set of core questions. The proceedings from that session offer further insights in developing metrics that not only can be used for screening but also to track progress and better address social determinants of health in young children.

Subsequently, as part of the Primary Care Association’s work with the state of Iowa on the SIMs grant, Charles Bruner produced a policy brief on social determinants of health, a practical guide for incorporating them into practice, and an appendix to the guide describing questions in current use. 



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