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Place as a Critical Factor

Particularly when children are very young, their lives are most intimately connected with those immediately around them.

Where Place Matters Most is original research conducted with the Urban Institute using tract-level census data to compare tracts with different levels of child poverty. This data shows that the nation’s poorest census tracts are also the “richest” in young children and that federal strategies are needed to ensure that social, physical, economic, health and educational capital are available to the children and their families in those areas. This work updates chapter one of CFPC’s report, Village Building and School ReadinessSubsequent chapters in that report highlight exemplary programs that improve child well-being in poor, immigrant and minority communities.

In addition to the overall analysis, CFPC has dug deeper to contrast sample high- and low-poverty neighborhoods to show how these differ in terms of young child opportunities.This information and perspective is presented in presentations to the AMCHP 2017 national conference and for Tulane University and the American Public Health Association 2017 lecture.

CFPC collaborated with the Wilder Foundation in a national webinar titled “Place, Race, ACE, and the First 1,000 Days: New Imperatives in Early Childhood.” This webinar highlighted the efforts in Minnesota to support indigenous community-building responses around young children and their healthy development.

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