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Health Equity


“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

--  Martin Luther King

The emerging work in the health field on addressing health disparities through an equity lens has particular implications for early childhood. From 2014 through 2016, the Child and Family Policy Center (CFPC) and the BUILD Initiative operated the “Learning Collaborative on Health Equity and Young Children (LCHEYC)”, an initiative supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Building upon this work, resources developed under LCHEYC, and continuing funding from RWJF, CFPC is expanding on these efforts. CFPC’s initiative Health Equity and Young Children is continuing to collaborate with national health advisory panel experts and state and national programs (Exemplary Programs) who are part of the initiative’s learning community. The Health Equity and Young Children’s initiative continues to work on raising awareness and understanding, advancing knowledge and developing and supporting leaders around the important topic of health equity and young children.

Broad Organizational Framework on Health Equity and Young Children

The BUILD Initiative and CFPC’s policy framework outlines 10 key elements of a narrative to make the case for focusing on health equity and the health practitioner’s role in early childhood systems building. In addition, CFPC has produced short policy briefs outlining the research and evidence based strategies for each of the 10 key elements of the framework narrative.

10.  Our youngest are our most diverse.
9.    The first years are most critical to lifelong health.
8.    Child health is in jeopardy.
7.    Health disparities are preventable.
6.    Ensuring a positive trajectory is crucial.
5.    Health practitioners have key roles to play.
4.    There are proven programs on which to build.

3.    Exemplary practices share key things.
2.    Neighborhoods matter.

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