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Early-childhood systems building

The goal of early-childhood systems building is to better promote the well-being of young children by helping states establish and expand early-childhood services, establish standards that ensure quality, foster cross-agency coordination and create governance structures to manage the process. Efforts to build strong early-childhood systems cross the areas of early care and learning; family support; health, mental health and nutrition; and services for children with special needs.

CFPC is the national evaluation partner for the BUILD Initiative, a foundation-supported initiative that supports a seven-state learning community in developing comprehensive early-learning systems through public and private partnerships. CFPC tracks progress in each state using an evaluation framework based on the BUILD Theory of Change to identify needs and opportunities, learn from actions that have been taken, and ultimately, improve results for children.

In Iowa, CFPC is a key partner in Early Childhood Iowa, an alliance of stakeholders supporting the development and integration of an early care, health and education system for the state's youngest children.

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