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Medicaid makes a difference

Medicaid makes a difference — it allows thousands of low-income Iowa children and adults to get and stay healthy. It makes it possible for them to see a doctor when they are sick, get check-ups, buy medications, and go to the hospital without fear of choosing between their health and groceries or paying the rent. It also helps parents make sure they can work and take care of their families.

But Medicaid has become so politicized it’s been hard to have a productive conversation on how to fix things. Now the elections are over, and Iowans are asking for solutions. Medicaid is simply too important to be a political football.

Both the video and brief below aim to help Iowans understand the issues at play in our Medicaid program, offer some guiding principles for moving forward and remind us all why it matters that we get it right. 

What comes next: Guiding principles for strengthening Iowa's Medicaid program
Fact sheet: Work reporting requirements will take health coverage away from Iowans
Fact sheet: Medicaid makes a difference for Iowans


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