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Child health and well-being

Health begins where children live, learn and play: in their families and neighborhoods. Social and medical determinants of health contribute to outcomes in young children. CFPC's health policy efforts in Iowa and nationally focus on both aspects of child health.

Medical determinants include health insurance coverage, access to well-child care and effective treatment of injury and illness. Social determinants include family and economic factors that contribute to healthy development through consistent, nurturing, home and community environments.


CFPC project highlight

There is a growing body of evidence that shows how child health practitioners have an important role in both medical and social determinants of health. The latter involves developmental surveillance and screening, anticipatory guidance and referral strategies, including care coordination and connection to community services and informal supports.

CFPC is the evaluation partner of Iowa's 1st Five Healthy Mental Development Initiative, which supports health providers in these efforts. You can read the executive summary of CFPC's 2013 evaluation here.

For more of CFPC's work on child health and well-being, visit our publication archives.


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