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KIDS COUNT® is a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and a premier source of data on children and families. Each year, the Foundation produces a comprehensive report — the KIDS COUNT® Data Book — that assesses child well-being in the United States. 

Visit the KIDS COUNT Data Center to access data profiles for many Iowa locations; rankings, maps, or trend graphs by topic; and raw data. Includes over 100 measures of child well-being. 


Iowa's ranking drops in the 2020 national KIDS COUNT® Data Book, suggesting a decline in child and family well-being

Iowa ranks 10th in the 2020 national KIDS COUNT® Data Book released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The 31st edition of the annual child well-being report compares and ranks the 50 states on 16 child and family well-being indicators in four separate domains.

Rankings reflect data collected before the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning the results for Iowa — and the country — have most likely worsened considering current economic and health crises. This is concerning for Iowa as our state’s rankings among the four broad categories of child and family well-being (economic well-being, education, health, and family and community) have dropped compared to last year’s metrics, despite reflecting a period of economic growth. And even though child poverty has been on the decline in Iowa since 2010, more than 97,000 kids — 14 percent of all children in Iowa — still live in poverty.  

The 2020 national KIDS COUNT® Data Book is nothing short of a call for our local, state and federal policymakers to act and to act boldly — children and families, now more than ever, are counting on us to build a brighter future for all. 

Learn more. Read the full report. Or get the highlights via Iowa's profile


Iowa Kids Count

Iowa Kids Count provides state- and county-level health, education, welfare and economic data on 20 indicators of child and family well-being.

Explore the data through maps and download data snapshots for any of Iowa's 99 counties via the blue bar to the left.

Our work on Iowa Kids Count is supported by a grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which supports Kids Count activities in all 50 states. For more information on Iowa Kids Count, contact Iowa Kids Count director Mike Crawford.

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