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Early Childhood Needs Assessment

CFPC is conducting a comprehensive early-childhood needs assessment in Iowa. The goal of the work, done on behalf of the Early Childhood Iowa Stakeholder Alliance (doing business as the Early Childhood Advisory Council), is to document the population of Iowa children from birth to kindergarten entry, their families and their access to quality services across the state. 

Here is the first portion of the needs assessment, which focuses on the "demand" side of the early-childhood system. Specifically:

  • Demographic trends involving young children
  • Conditions and factors related to the child and the child’s family that can place him or her at high need
  • Community characteristics that can place additional strain on the families and children living in those places

The next deliverable, currently underway, will document the supply, capacity and quality of early-childhood services in Iowa. CFPC will then conduct a “gap analysis” based on findings of the first two deliverables.


A Baseline on Iowa’s Young Children: Capturing the ‘Demand’ for Early-Childhood Services

Introduction and topline findings

Complete list of maps, charts and tables

Part 1 Narrative: Statewide population trends

      Graphics 1.1 (trends in general population by age, single parenting, and labor force participation)
      Graphics 1.2 (race and ethnicity by age)
      Graphics 1.3 (race and ethnicity by age, continued)
      Graphics 1.4 (county typology)

Part 2 Narrative: Defining populations of children with high needs

      Graphics 2.1 (educational attainment, single parenting, predominant home language)
      Graphics 2.2 (poverty)
      Graphics 2.3 (labor force participation, birth weight, county typology)

Part 3 Narrative: Defining at-risk communities

      Graphics 3.1 (counties)
      Graphics 3.2 (census tracts)

Conclusion/Next steps

Early Childhood Iowa is an alliance of stakeholders in early care, health and education systems that affect children ages prenatal to five years in the state of Iowa. Its purpose is to support the development and integration of an early care, health and education system for Iowa.



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