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Census 2020

Let's #CountAllKids in the 2020 census!

2020 is a census year, and much is at stake. Census results not only determine representation in Washington, D.C., but also how federal funding is allocated among states and communities. The 2010 Census missed 2.2 million U.S. children under the age of 5 (10 percent of the young child population). This time around, research shows, the number of parents who may not count these kids could reach 1 in 5, double the share missed ten years ago. 

Message research has also identified the top reasons parents and caregivers might not include young children in their Census responses:

  • Unfamiliarity with how the Census can help their children and households
  • Lack of understanding about who to include in the household
  • Personal fears related to immigration status, overcrowded housing and privacy

Help us spread the word to prevent an undercount in Iowa! Talk with parents and caregivers in your circles about the importance of counting every baby and child in the census. Engage your networks and partner organizations to spread the word. 

Here are main ideas to share:

  • Count ALL kids living at your address on Census Day (April 1, 2020) — including babies, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, foster children, and people not related to you (like a friend and their child).
  • Filling out the Census is important because it helps decide how much money your community will get for schools, child care, health insurance and medical care, early intervention and home-visiting programs, food assistance, foster care, housing assistance and many other important services.
  • The Census only happens once every 10 years. So, if all the children living at your address aren’t counted in 2020, they will have fewer services for the next decade. 
  • The Census has the strongest confidentiality guarantees in the federal government. By law, the information you share through the Census cannot be released for 72 years. 

Learn more. Check out the many great resources available through Census Count, a collaborative campaign of many organizations working to ensure a fair and accurate census count. 

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