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Tywana Butts

Office Assistant / Bio
(515) 280-9027 ext. 100 
(515) 650-4786 direct dial

Angelica Cardenas

Policy Associate / Bio
(515) 280-9027 ext. 111
(515) 650-4780 direct dial

Michael Crawford 

Senior Associate and Fiscal Director / Bio
(515) 280-9027 ext. 109 
(515) 650-4788 direct dial

Anne Discher

Executive Director
(515) 280-9027 ext. 104 
(515) 650-4781 direct dial

Stephen Dykstra

Communication Associate / Bio
(515) 280-9027 ext. 106 
(515) 650-4783 direct dial 

Sheila Hansen

Policy Director / Bio
(515) 280-9027 ext. 114
(515) 650-4789 direct dial 

Barbara Larson

Bookkeeper / Bio
(515) 280-9027 ext. 108 
(515) 650-4785 direct dial

Tricia Lyman

Office Manager
(515) 280-9027 ext. 117
(515) 650-4784 direct dial 

Mary Nelle Trefz

Health Policy Associate
(515) 280-9027 ext. 112
(515) 650-4782 direct dial 


Parent: Anne
Likes: Visiting the office, doggy daycare, car rides, peanut butter
Dislikes: Being left at home, squirrels


Parent: Tricia
Likes: Folding laundry, packing suitcases for trips, tummy rubs, human pillows
Dislikes: Anyone who doesn't see her as she really is—a princess


Parent: Tricia
Likes: Storytelling, bird watching, greeting visitors, keeping his humans safe
Dislikes: the vet’s office, even though they’re absolutely delightful people


Parent: Mary Nelle
Likes: Tennis balls, belly rubs, ice cream, swims at the lake with her duck
Dislikes: Motorcycles, the mailman, not being the center of attention


Parent: Stephen
Likes: Laser pointers, the kitchen sink faucet, open windows
Dislikes: Trader Joe's cat food, baths, grilled chicken


Parent: Stephen
Likes: Iowa Public Radio, sitting in baskets, belly rubs, watching the birds
Dislikes: Going to the vet, Michael Bay films, peers with an attitude


Parent: Angelica
Likes: Starbucks, long walks, the finer things in life
Dislikes: Cheap coffee, the vet



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