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Our work

The Child and Family Policy has a long history of collaborative work with other organizations in Iowa and throughout the U.S. on many facets of child policy and advocacy. Much of our work is supported by local and national foundations, on which CFPC has been able to rely for generous support. CFPC is also grateful for donations from private individuals with an interest in the well-being of children.

In addition, CFPC works on a contract basis with national, local and state organizations in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of programs focused on health and child and family systems.
  • Research with application to policy and program development, including needs assessments and data analysis.
  • Technical assistance in the areas of policy development, research and analysis, and processes for discussion/facilitation.

As part of its mission, CFPC's Every Child Counts initiative provides advocacy training throughout Iowa to local organizations with an interest in child and family policy. To learn more about advocacy training opportunities, contact ECC director Sheila Hansen.

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