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About Us

The mission of the Child and Family Policy Center is to better link research and policy on issues vital to children and families and advocate for evidence-based practices that improve child and family outcomes.

Over the past two decades, CFPC has played a critical role in improving the lives of Iowa children by shaping public policy. Founded by former state senator Charles Bruner in 1989, CFPC has successfully promoted initiatives expanding access to quality child care, preschool and comprehensive health care, improving the tax treatment of low- and moderate-income working families, boosting family economic success and supporting child safety and welfare. CFPC's rigorous research base around child policy is a trusted resource for policymakers, advocates and the general public.

In addition to state-level research and advocacy, CFPC also conducts national evaluation work around early-childhood system building and policy development around comprehensive, asset-based approaches to supporting children and families.




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